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Courses (online and on-location)


CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for Psychosis [online course, taught by Ron Unger]:


Families Healing Together  [online courses for individuals, friends and family members of those struggling with extreme states]:


Future Learn: Caring for people with psychosis and schizophrenia [online course]:


Mad in America Conitinuing Ed  [Online courses on "topics such as psychiatric medications ... and alternatives that promote long-term recovery. The courses grant professional continuing education (CEUs) and continuing medical education (CME) credits for physicians, social workers, nurses, marriage and family counselors, and alcohol/drug counselors"]:


Integrative Mental Health for You: A range of online presentations and courses on working with spiritual emergency:


Mind Australia - Mind Recovery College [On-location courses on a variety of recovery-oriented topics, available in Australia only):


Online Open Recovery College [Online courses covering a wide range of recovery topics, including specific support for hearing voices, recovering from sexual abuse, and general principles and practice of recovery from psychosis and extreme states]:


Recovery from Schizophrenia  [Webinars on alternative understandings and treatment models of "schizophrenia," psychosis and extreme states]:


South Eastern Sydney Recovery College [On-Location courses on recovery-oriented topics, available only in the Sydney, Australia area]:





Madness Radio archive [a treasure trove of interviews with many leaders in the field]:



Online Blogs / Forums / Communities


Beyond Meds: Alternatives to Psychiatry [numerous articles and other resources devoted to the topic of psychiatric drugs and alternatives to psychiatry]:


The Inner Compass Initiative ["...Provides information, resources, tools, and connecting platforms ​to facilitate more informed choices regarding all things 'mental health' and to support individuals and groups around the world who ​wish to leave, bypass, or build community beyond the mental health system"]:


Mad in America: Science, Psychiatry, and Community [a hub of numerous blogs from many of the leaders in the recovery and alternatives to psychiatry movement]:


Recovery from Schizophrenia [Ron Unger’s blog with numerous recovery-oriented articles and resources]:


Successful Schizophrenia [numerous resources related to recovery and the challenging the medical model paradigm]:


The Withdrawal Project  ["...To help people empower themselves with knowledge from the layperson withdrawal community about the drugs they take and the methods of coming off these drugs that seem to be yielding the greatest success or satisfaction..[and]...To provide platforms [where people] can find and connect with one another to engage in mutual support and shared learning"]:

Classes / Radio / Blogs